Las Malentes ( Prinzessinnengarten, Berlin - March 2021)


Winner of the SOS Cultura grant from Fundació Carulla, Barcelona 2020.

This project is created as an effort to bring Art to public spaces, an initiative to make art accessible to all citizens within a community, regardless of their income, gender, age, cultural or religious backgrounds.

“Kunstwagen: New Reality“ is completed with a twenty-minute performance featuring a physical theater performer and a sound artist. The sound artist acts as the driver for the vehicle and bikes the trailer to different locations, while the performer is in the trailer. The bike generates sound in real time as it moves across the environment. The piece comes to life due to the interaction of the artists with the vehicle, the space, the sound and the spectators. An experience for an audience of all ages and tastes, visual and audible stimulations are created to allow for a performance that is open to interpretation, sparking creative thoughts for the spectator to experience. Objective: to create unique, spontaneous experiences, which can only be witnessed for “one time only” an ephemeral art which opens new possibilities of creativity in open spaces.

My role

Together with Adriana de Montserrat, we created the concept and the idea of this project together. Furthermore, using different sensors and an Arduino, I designed a bicycle that generates sound through the movements. 

Visual Samples