“Omnia vanitas”

EL Salon de los Invisibles (Teatre Eòlia, Barcelona - October 2019)


"Omnia Vanitas" is a clickbait, a techno-consumer dystopia that rushes forward, recreating today's dispersion, the amusement as entertainment and political debates, and the neurological hyper-stimulation to which we voluntarily submit ourself daily. 

In this Rococo rave, a screen where texts are continuously projected, an overactive photocopier, a live music producer, an urban dance dancer and a painter indifferently celebrate what Hegel calls "the spirit of our time" by envolving and subjecting the viewer to an increasing rate while questioning the public  about their own attention span.

My role

In this project I created the sound design and the music, which I performed in a live set on stage. The music concept of this piece explores the boundaries between the Rococo movement and the new technoligies of this new century, particulary the social networking services. Merging and experimenting with the characteristic sounds from these applications and the rhythms and the structures of Rococo music.

-Director and dramaturge: El Salón de los Invisibles
-Cast and choreographer: Nia Torres
-Sound designer and composer: Arnau Montserrat
-Video coordinator and live painter: David Rovirola 
-Collaborators: Neus Soler, Judit Costa, Adriana Galicia, Isabel Nager, Nuria Mercader
-Artistic advisor: Roberto Fratini
-Makeup artist: Luigi Prisco
-Photographer: El Salón de los Invisibles, Ricard Jorquera
-Production: El Salón de los Invisibles

Visual Sample


-Teatre Eòlia
-Time Out (Magazine)