“vaccination center ”

Arnau Montserrat (UdK,Berlin - June 2021)


“Vaccination center” is a real-time sound composition generated by the sonification of data extracted by the Covid vaccine. An audio comparison is produced between different countries, where the percentage of total doses administered among citizens is analyzed. Each country is represented by a loudspeaker, forming a four-channel installation.

The countries represented in this piece are China, Germany, Nicaragua and the Republic of Congo. The first two are the countries with the highest number of doses supplied, one at world level and the other within the European Union. The other two are one of the countries with a lower value within the countries that have registered vaccinations. This comparison is evidence of how the countries with the most economic advantages continue to dominate all circumstances worldwide, even in the face of a pandemic with global repercussions.

This piece is intended to finish when all four countries have vaccinated their entire population.

My role

I used Max MSP to create a real-time generative sound composition, which is triggered by the meta data extracted from Internet.