Arnau Montserrat & David Calvo (Barcelona|Berlin - April 2014)


Apocapoc are a duet of artists from Barcelona of the new underground movement in Europe during the last period. Arnau and David, both influenced by the 90’s and the 2000’s music in Catalonia, met studying the same degree; Audiovisual Engineering, where both coincided in the same classes of sound and image in 2011.

During their years as students, their relationship started to mature giving rise to realize that they both had the same vision of electronic music. So in 2014 they started to play together under the name of Apocapoc giving shape to what would be the beginnings of the duet.

Their musical experience has took them to discover a particular own sound in which the deepest sounds are found with a fresh and dry techno, creating a tense atmosphere with some danceable rhythms and a sensual groove that will transport the listeners into a new dimension of the clubbing world that they have never experienced.

Their warm-hearted and Mediterranean character made them to decide to call themselves Apocapoc, which is a Catalan word that defines their philosophy. Which is that with determination, work and little by little, everyone receives what he/she has been looking for without the need to stress out or feel overwhelmed by the obstacles or problems that happen on the way. As they affirm, they don’t worry but take care of it.

Work concept

At the beginning of their sets, the conditions are ideal to play tracks with an intimate feeling and establish a connection with the audience that listen to it. So it is like sharing a journey in which as the minutes pass, the warmth and harmony will give place to more danceable themes wherein by adding more speed it will include rhythm to a new story that will end up with a more optimistic music in order people start moving and will not want to ever finish the party.

Audio Samples