“Archetype meditation”

Arnau Montserrat (UdK,Berlin - February 2020)


“Archetype meditation” is an eight-channel installation designed to create a peaceful atmosphere, inviting to the audience to leave their worries and thoughts behind to focus on presence and calmness. The installation is predominated by a music composition of 25 minutes, where all the sounds used on the piece are recording and samples from technological devices, particularly from mobile phones and social media applications. For instance, the Whatsapp notification sound, different mobile phone vibrations, Nokia ringtones, Skype notifications, video call ringtone on Facebook Web, etc.

Archetype sounds are these sacred sounds, used for shamanistic rituals, which are imprinted in ancestor brains. Certain root sounds carry hidden information of ancient spiritual insights and they have special meanings in the context of Cosmology. For instance, rhythmic repetitions of certain sounds during a ceremony take us to our beginnings. Archetypes are states of information, energy and awareness that rest sleeping inside us.

Nowadays, with the fast advancement of new technologies and social networks, we are getting used to live in a society where our actions are expected to be executed faster and faster, changing our understanding of presence. “Archetype Meditation” introduce an oxymoron where a calm and relaxed atmosphere, similar to ancient ceremonies, is generated using the sounds from the most important tools from this new century.

My role

In this project I have taken over both the sound composition and the project creation.