El Salon de los Invisibles (Abandoned warehouse, Girona - April 2018)


“Atrabilis” is an experimental project that combines a variety of artistic forms. Dance, music, light, paintings and acting are presented in an abandoned warehouse with two floors, integrating the audience into the performance. The piece is inspired by the work of Sarah Kane, “4.48 psychosis.” The goal of the project was to allow the audience to experience all stages of depression. The space was selected specifically to create a feeling of emptiness and the music additionally was intended to provide anxious sensations, stimulating multiple senses for the audience. The performers were walking through the space for the entirety of the evening, as the audience wandered through different lighting and visual experiences, all created to submerge them with the journey of depression.

My role

In this project I created the sound design and the music, which I performed in a live set on stage. I used digital instruments, a violinist (who was additionally playing live) and recorded sounds.

The music concept of this project was created to explore all the different phases that a mentally ill patient goes through when she or he is suffering depression. I researched sounds that I experimented with as I sampled the music for my peers, to see how they felt afterwards. I then selected the sounds, which created the heaviest impact emotionally.

-Cast: Adriana de Montserrat, Neus Soler, Isadora Libertad and Alfonso Para
-Director, dramaturge and production: El Salón de los Invisibles
-Sound design: Arnau Montserrat
-Lighting concept: El Salón de los Invisibles

Audio Samples

Visual Samples