“baile de histéricas”

Carmen Muñoz (Institut del Teatre, Barcelona - May 2019)


Through the investigation of the “bailaoras” bodies, chosen as referents, “La histérica” present a scenic journey to reach her own body, her own intuition. An analysis of the bodies, an exploration of the physical and the mystical through Fanny Elssler, Carmen Mora, Manuela Vargas and La Chana, which leads to the conversion of the “histérica” body. A transformation, a dramatic game of its truth and its lie, towards unknown territories.

“Baile de histéricas” is part of a research project,  analyzing the bodies of three “bailaoras”, chosen as references of the 80’s flamenco. These  women opened the gates, inside and outside the flamenco, moving the borders to give entrance to our current flamenco and becoming pioneers of our modern dance.

My role

In this project I produced part of the sound, which is performed by the flamenco dancer Carmen Muñoz. In addition, I worked mastering the sound for the piece, conbining electronic music with recorders of “cantaores”.

-Cast: Carmen Muñoz
-Direction and Choreography: Carmen Muñoz
-Dramaturgy assitent: Salvador S.Sánchez
-Cantaor: Pepe de Pura
-Music composers: Reserva Espiritual del Occidente, Arnau Montserrat

Audio Sample

Visual Sample