“Leib Bei Mir”

Katrina Elizabeth (Bat-Studiotheater, Berlin - July 2019)


“Fake it till you make it baby. But what if you can’t make it? All of us, audience and performer alike, are constantly busy pretending. But what happens when the perfect fake begins to crack and the living flesh shines through? LeibBeiMir| |BodyByMe brings movement, text and live electronic music together in a series of performative tasks in order to provoke moments of transgression.”

My role

In this project I was in charge of the sound design and the music production of the play, improvising together with the dancers and the director during rehearsals to create the piece. During the play, I was performing on stage a live set. 

-Concept and coreography: Katrina Elizabeth
-Cast: Shannon Leypoldt, Angela Fegers, Colemxn Pester, Berit Einemo Frøysland, Nobutaka Shomura, Briana Dickinson -Music: Arnau Montserrat 
-Dramaturgy:Sofie Neu

Visual Samples