“My interests lie in the exploration of the multifaceted role of sound within the domain of the arts, with a particular focus on its manifestations in new media and performing arts”


Arnau Montserrat (b. 1993, Barcelona) is an interdisciplinary sound artist whose work unfolds within the cultural scenes of Berlin and Barcelona. He holds degrees in audiovisual engineering and a master’s in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts from the Universität der Künste Berlin. His research focuses on exploring the intersections of sound, technology, science, and the consequence of sonic interactions in the field of the arts.

He is interested in sound dramaturgy and contextualization, based in considerations of space, time, and its relationship with auditory perception. This exploration delves into human perception of sound within interactive contexts, encompassing its acoustic properties and probing its perceptual, cognitive, and emotional dimensions. His work actively participates in experiences where sonic interaction takes precedence, employing methodologies such as sonification, spatial sound, interactive compositions, and sonic interactions in virtual environments. Additionally, he collaborates regularly with artists from diverse disciplines and aesthetic experiences, including performances, installations, theater, and dance.

As a co-founder of Las Maleantes, he closely collaborates with Adriana Montserrat to explore the integration of sound art in the realm of performing arts. His commitment as artistic director spans both sound exploration and dramaturgy, as well as production coordination.

Inspired by the ethos of self-managed projects in Berlin, Arnau has played an active role in curating and creating cultural events and international festivals such as the Lusatia Festival or Love Foundation since 2016. Through these endeavors, his aim is to provide platforms for independent artists, promoting safe spaces for artistic dialogue and creative exchange.

His artistic activities have been presented in theaters, festivals and artistic spaces such as Off-Documenta Fifteen, sónar +D, Volsbühne, Sala Beckett, CHB Berlin, Sommerwerft, Babylon Kino, Fusion festival…


“Key ingredients for my creative process: Max/MSP, Ableton Live, Arduino, Unity, Pro Tools, Reaper,  soundscapes composition, sound design, sonic interactions & sound spatialization (Binaural, Ambisonics & 3D audio effects)”



2023 – Granted by Jugend Für Europa. Project: Caprices


2023 – Graduated from the Master’s program in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts. Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK)


2023 – Granted by Departament de Cultura (In the field of innovation and digital culture). Project: Habitat 3000


2022 – Granted by Jugend Für Europa. Project: Habitat 3000


2022 – Granted by Jugend Für Europa. Project: In-transit


2021 – Granted by FEIN Berlin. Project: Kunstwagen: New Reality


2020 – Art Residency at Kabrise. Grabowsee, Germany


2020 – Granted by SOS Cultura from Fundació Carulla (In the field of public spaces, innovation and sustainability). Project: New Reality


2016 – Graduated from the Bachelor’s program Audiovisual Engineering. Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)


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Arnau Montserrat at In-transit event by Las Maleantes