Some samples of my creative experiments

Rhythmus 21 excerpt

“Exploration with Hans Richter’s piece ‘Rhythmus 21’ during a experimental film seminar, involving the creation of a sound composition tailored to the piece.”

Vaccination Center

“Vaccination center” is a real-time sound composition generated by the sonification of data extracted by the Covid vaccine. An audio comparison is produced between different countries, where the percentage of total doses administered among citizens is analyzed. Each country is represented by a loudspeaker, forming a four-channel installation. 

I used Max MSP to create a real-time generative sound composition, which is triggered by the meta data extracted from Internet.


vaccination center installation
Archetype meditation Sounds- nstallation

Archetype Meditation

“Archetype meditation” is an eight-channel installation designed to create a peaceful atmosphere, inviting to the audience to leave their worries and thoughts behind to focus on presence and calmness. The installation is predominated by a music composition of 25 minutes, where all the sounds used on the piece are recording and samples from technological devices, particularly from mobile phones and social media applications. Archetype sounds are these sacred sounds, used for shamanistic rituals, which are imprinted in ancestor brains.

Onira – Fashion Film

“Oniria” draws inspiration from Buñuel’s iconic short film, “Un perro andaluz”, serving as an experimental cinematic endeavour infused with surrealist aesthetics that engage with the subconscious, blending elements of fashion, dreams, desires, and mortality. 

Cast: Adriana de Montserrat; Direction: Nikté Teleguario; Production: Cristina Belda; Sound: Arnau Montserrat

Alphabet Sounds

“Alphabet Sounds” constitutes an innovative exploration delving into the juxtaposition of diverse languages and their respective alphabets, while simultaneously integrating the intricate nuances of Morse code.

AV Jam In-Transit

AV Jam session during In-transit event by Las Maleantes 2022.

Performer: Adriana de Montserrat; Sound: Arnau Montserrat; Voice: Athenaïs Laffont; Visuals: Martin Ducreau; Concept: Las Maleantes


Extract from the creative experiment we presented during the Grabowsee artistic residency in 2020, where I explored a sound composition using field recordings from the abandoned space.

Performer: Adriana de Montserrat; Sound: Arnau Montserrat; Visuals: Cami Boreal; Concept: Las Maleantes


“Feeling” is an 8-minute contemporary dance performance in which three dancers, complemented by musical accompaniment, articulate their individual perspectives on the essence of feminine energy within the contemporary milieu.

dance show Feeling - Julia dancing

Expressionism Jam

Extract from an experimental jam session featuring Adriana Montserrat as performer and Arnau Montserrat as sound composer exploring the interpretation of German Expressionism during the COVID-19 pandemic.