Miranda Márquez (Sónar Festival, Barcelona - June 2016)


“Beat as one” is an artistic proposal between two chairs, standing in silence, one across the other, hoping to connect with the help from the public. Lights on the floor send an invitation for the audience to come and sit in the chairs, which then allow the chairs to come to life. The audience is a key aspect for the installation to succeed. Through unique aesthetic, visual projections, sound designed and electronics, each chair acquires individual identity and the ability to narrate their emotional story, once the contact is initiated. These chairs were crafted with care to ensure their strength, character and sensibility. They just need a touch to be activated and an act of empathy.

My role

In this project I was responsible to produce and create the sound design synchronized with the projections and the interaction of the audience through Processing and Ableton Live, giving each spectator a different experience.

Visual Samples


- EL Mundo (Newspaper)