Music & Art Festival

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Dates: Summer 2021, 2022, 2023

Link Color Example Selected venue: Lusatia Festival


Co-Creators: Pachamama, Love Foundation, Mystic Creatures, Wilde Mohre

Some of the artists: Kim Ann Foxman, Manfredas, Terr, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Rampue, Franky and Sandrino, Oceanvs Orientalis, and many more.


“Lusatia is a mystical, spiritual weekend full of connectedness to each other & nature, where there is growth for the artists, the guests and the team.


We imagine it to be a utopia that represents all of the values we believe in. An inclusive space where people are comfortable and safe being themselves and are supported in the process. Sustainability and support for the structural change in the Lausitz is one of our aims, meaning an exchange of cultural input. Our mission with Lusatia is to create a next generation festival that is constantly evolving based on feedback from the guests and the team. A space to grow, heal, transform and connect through our integrated principles. A weekend full of inspiration from our artists, workshops and safer spaces. With our core values being connection, transparency, diversity, sustainability, and community building.”

As an integral component of a festival espousing a self-organized ethos, I have actively participated in the collaborative development of this project alongside diverse members hailing from various collectives. My pivotal role encompasses multifaceted responsibilities, primarily centered on the coordination of production logistics, curation of musical programming, oversight of diverse artistic installations and performances, and the provision of artistic direction to steer the overarching vision of the festival. Concurrently, I have consistently championed an inclusive programming agenda, ensuring accessibility and representation for all participants. Furthermore, I have spearheaded a dedicated focus on sustainability, infusing environmental consciousness into all aspects of the festival’s planning and execution.

Pachamama floor at Lusatia 2023
Installation at Lusatia 2022
La Divina stage at Lusatia 2022
Pachamama floor at Lusatia 2022
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