Interactive Installation

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Premiere date: June 2016

Selected venues: Sónar +D Barcelona


Co-Creation: Miranda Márquez, Ana Florencia Salatino, David Miralles, Marialejandra García Corretjer

Sound Composition: Arnau Montserrat

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“Beat as one” is an artistic proposal between two chairs, standing in silence, one across the other, hoping to connect with the help from the public. Lights on the floor send an invitation for the audience to come and sit in the chairs, which then allow the chairs to come to life. The audience is a key aspect for the installation to succeed. Through unique aesthetic, visual projections, sound designed and electronics, each chair acquires individual identity and the ability to narrate their emotional story, once the contact is initiated. These chairs were crafted with care to ensure their strength, character and sensibility. They just need a touch to be activated and an act of empathy.

In the scope of this project, my responsibilities encompassed the conception and execution of sound design intricately synchronized with visual projections and audience interaction, facilitated through the utilization of Processing and Ableton Live software frameworks. My primary objective was to cultivate a diverse array of experiences for each spectator, achieved through meticulous coordination of auditory elements with dynamic visual stimuli and responsive engagement mechanisms. 

Beat as One installation with person sitting, Sonar+D, Sound by Arnau Montserrat
Beat as One installation with two people sitting, Sonar+D
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