Performative Installation

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Premiere date: 15th July 2023

Link Color Example Selected venues: Sommerwerft & Bucht der Träumer


Direction and concept: Las Maleantes (Adriana de Montserrat, Arnau Montserrat) & El Salón de los Invisibles

Dramaturgy: Maria de Prada

Performance: Adriana de Montserrat

Costume: Ngozi Goetz 

Sound: Arnau Montserrat  

Set design: David Rovirola, Martin Wöllenstein and Ngozi 

Production: Las Maleantes

Photohgraphy & Video: Andrea Rojas

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Caprices is an interactive art installation that accompanied by binaural sound compositions, comments on contemporary society’s ironic and grotesque behaviors through performances. The installation features a female figure trapped in an analog photo booth, observed by one audience through a voyeuristic lens. Caprices challenges personal beliefs and offers a surreal escape, adaptable to any space and mounted on a mobile trailer for a sustainable and independent project.

In this project, my primary endeavor has been the comprehensive exploration of sound dynamics through audience interaction, coupled with an examination of methodologies to cultivate an intimate rapport between the experiential narrative and the user, particularly within the framework of a predominantly public spaces context. Central to my contribution has been an inquiry into the functional significance of sound, whereby it assumes a pivotal role as an interactive catalyst, employed by the audience to initate the performative installation. Moreover, I have curated diverse sonic and visual modalities aimed at captivating users’ attention and fostering their active engagement. Through the strategic orchestration of these components, my aim is to engender a multisensory milieu that facilitates profound participant immersion, thereby nurturing an intimate symbiotic relationship between the audience and the performance.

“In the social and architectural chaos of urban streets, anything is possible. Caprices picks up this creative mess by offering a living and constantly mutating space.

Through small, creative performances that last just a few minutes, Caprices shines a light on the ironic and sometimes grotesque behaviors that the cybernetic neoliberal system has brought about in contemporary society. ” What is happening to us? “

A female figure from Goya’s Caprichos prints is trapped in an analog photobooth and observed by the audience through a voyeuristic gaze. In her bubble of individual comfort, she mutates, plays, and transforms. The result is a mosaic of social dysphoria that challenges us to question our personal behavior and beliefs.

The figure’s behavior is dictated by economic imperatives, abstracting her humanity into something alienated. Caprices offers a surreal and dreamlike escape that is reminiscent of the works of David Lynch and the Chapman brothers. It begs the question: do we prefer the current narrative of progress, or the narrative of the end of the world?

And why not imagine a new narrative altogether?”

Adriana de Montserrat performing beauty scene from Caprices by Las Maleantes, sound by Arnau Montserrat
Scene "Workaholic" with a donkey in Caprices by Las Maleantes
Audience interacting with Caprices installation performance by Las Maleantes
Audience member withdrawing a photo from Caprices by Las Maleantes, sound by Arnau Montserrat
Portable stage from Caprices by Las Maleantes
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