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Premiere date: 5th June 2023

Link Color Example Selected venue: CHB Berlin


Original Concept – Art Direction – Sound Art: Arnau Montserrat

Art Direction Assistant: Adriana de Montserrat

Dramaturgy: Adriana de Montserrat & Arnau Montserrat

Production: Las Maleantes

Content Management: Nelia Mayer-Rolshoven

Tech Development: Jordi Garreta

Visual Design: Stefanie Berkmann

Collaborative artists: UGLYKIKI & Artem

Graphic Design: Sergi Mayench

Vocals: Michael Lane

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Habitat 3000 is an innovative virtual reality experience showcasing the potential of VR technology to transport users into imaginative landscapes and scenarios, inviting them to dream of new possibilities for the future. At its core, Habitat 3000 seeks to break free from the prevailing narratives of our world’s challenges and instead fosters a sense of hope and inspiration, overcoming and deconstructing the catastrophic and dramatic visions of today’s world. This project sets out on a mission to reshape our understanding of social and political change by immersing users in ecosystems that were once unimaginable. Through gamification, immersive storytelling, and interactive elements, Habitat 3000 brings these metaverses to life. What makes this project truly unique is its global collaboration, drawing on the creativity of artists from around the world to offer a diverse spectrum of concepts and visions.

Habitat 3000 is born from the master’s thesis project by Arnau Montserrat, an artist exploring the possibilities of remote collaboration within virtual reality. Nestled within the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts program at Universität der Künste Berlin, this project delves into the fusion of sound art and virtual reality while showcasing innovative approaches to working with visual artists. The experience itself is around 20 minute interactive journey, giving users complete control over their exploration. They can seamlessly navigate through seven distinct ecosystems, each meticulously crafted by a different visual artist.

The development of diverse soundscapes is at the heart of Habitat 3000. This project represents my exploration of the exciting collaborative possibilities within the realm of sound art, all viewed through the lens of virtual reality technology. In each crafted ecosystem by various visual artists, I’ve worked to create distinct immersive soundscapes. Through a blend of sound synthesis, field recordings, binaural rendering, and interactive composition techniques, these soundscapes spring to life.

One of my biggest challenges was to understand and develop an interactive experience for the users centered around sound. I delved into exploring the different possibilities of sound interaction within the experience, seeking to engage users in novel ways. Together, these elements highlight the profound importance of sound beyond being a mere background layer. 


In a world where the yearning for positive change has reached a tipping point, Habitat 3000 emerges as a fusion of art and brightness. Beyond being a mere VR experience, it’s a collective artistic endeavor, uniting diverse talents to craft unique, adaptable ecosystems. These individual visions harmonize to form a powerful, transformative environment. Here, dreaming isn’t just a passive act; it becomes a catalyst for positive change, challenging us to rethink the very foundations of society and politics. Artists, departing from surrealism, embrace styles that ignite our collective imagination. As a powerful response to the climate crisis, this project envisions a future where beauty and optimism take center stage. Join us on this artistic journey, where the elegance of biological development becomes a driving force for change. How do you envision a future in which beauty plays a leading role in the development of ecosystems?



Habitat 3000 used an open call to select 3D artists from different parts of the world to experiment with virtual reality environments. How can technologies help us in creating intercultural exchange, inspiration and creative teamwork? Habitat 3000 combines different creative perspectives and visions into one coherent dramaturgy. Through international collaboration the metaverse invites a diverse spectrum of concepts that push the boundaries of contemporary forms of artistic expression. This allows Habitat 3000 to establish an artistic dialogue between sound and visual arts: How to integrate sound art to virtual reality environments in a collaborative artistic process? The different elements of sound and visuals together create a holistic experience of the ecosystems. By juxtaposing different perspectives, opinions and landscapes, Habitat 3000 overcomes an apocalyptic vision of the future that is omnipresent in today’s society and offers space to new and diverse perspectives.

Human inside a bubble in the Habitat 3000 virtual reality environment, directed by Arnau Montserrat
Ecosystem by Artem Tkach in Habitat 3000 VR environment, directed by Arnau Montserrat
Laboratory shelf from Habitat 3000 VR environment
User experiencing Habitat 3000 VR environment at CHB Berlin exposition
Futuristic bushes inside a bubble Habitat 3000 environment
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