Jordi Casado (Casa Elizalde, Barcelona - October 2018)


“Correspondència,” is a theater project from aTemporal collective (Barcelona). The theme of this play explores how communication has progressed through years, and with this development has impacted relationships in an evolutionary way.

The main character is constantly in a relationship with his messages. He proceeds to talk to himself, as he gives himself compliments supplying his drive and ego through life. The theme of time is explored, and connected to the sound, as he occupies most of his days, writing endless messages.

My role

In this project I created the Sound Design and produced the music of the play using an analogic alarm clock controlled by Arduino. With an integrated microphone I was recording the sound of the clock needles, and simultaneously controlling their speed. During the play, I was performing on stage a live set, meanwhile, using the alarm clock in real time with two hidden microphones, which at some moments I used to distort the voices of the actors and other sounds.

-Cast: Alfons Nieto and Neus Soler
-Director and dramaturge: Jordi Casado
-Sound design: Arnau Montserrat
-Lighting: Anna Espunya
-Stage and costumes: Carlota Masvidal
-Movement: Veri de Morais
-Production: Aina Juanet

Visual Samples