Leib bei mir

Dance Show

#sound_composition #live_performance


Premiere date: July 2019

Selected venues: Bat-Studiotheater, Berlin


Concept and choreography: Katrina Elizabeth

Cast: Shannon Leypoldt, Angela Fegers, Colemxn Pester, Berit Einemo Frøysland, Nobutaka Shomura, Briana Dickinson

Music: Arnau Montserrat

Dramaturgy: Sofie Neu


In the realm of performative exploration, the maxim ‘Fake it till you make it’ resonates deeply. Yet, what ensues when the veneer of perfection begins to fissure, revealing the raw essence beneath? LeibBeiMir| |BodyByMe endeavors to intertwine movement, textual discourse, and live electronic music within a framework of performative directives, instigating moments of boundary-crossing revelation for both audience and performer alike.

In the scope of this project, I assumed responsibility for creating the sound design and overseeing the music production of the theatrical performance. Collaboratively engaging with the dancers and director during rehearsals, I participated in improvisational sessions aimed at shaping the artistic composition. Additionally, my role entailed executing a live set onstage during the show.

Dancer and Arnau Montserrat Performance - Leib Bei Mir Danceshow
All dancers on the floor in Leib Bei Mir Danceshow
Three performers dancing and Arnau Montserrat performing live music
Final scene: Dancer dancing and Arnau Montserrat performing sound in Leib Bei Mir Danceshow
Dancer performing in Leib Bei Mir Danceshow
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