el monte de

los olvidos

Video Art

#direction #sound_composition #video_content


Premiere date: March 2019

Selected venues: UdK Berlin


Direction, concept sound and video: Arnau Montserrat


The video artwork titled ‘El Monte de los Olvidos’ explores the historic narrative of Teufelsberg Berlin, symbolizing the evolution of the Field Station and the surrounding hill, encapsulating the emotional essence and energetic resonance of each temporal epoch.

A predominant feature of this project is the utilization of sound recordings sourced from the immediate vicinity, notably from within the Dome of the structure, renowned for its distinctive architectural acoustics. These recorded sounds undergo digital manipulation, serving to delineate the progressive metamorphosis experienced by the environment over time. Moreover, to enhance the auditory impact, a technique reminiscent of György Ligeti’s approach in the soundtrack of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ is incorporated. Here, the soprano vocal blending with orchestral arrangements is evocatively employed, with the vocalist symbolizing Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 7, premiered in Leningrad amidst the siege by Nazi German forces in 1942.

The wind emerges as a recurring motif within the composition, signifying a natural element perennially present throughout the history of Teufelsberg, and the most pronounced auditory presence within the vicinity.

Visually, the video imagery comprises a static frame captured from Teufelsberg, employing fast motion techniques to accentuate the omnipotence of wind within the locale, thereby showcasing the enduring force of nature in contemporary times—a stark contrast to the landscape’s absence of natural elements seven decades prior.

Frame of video art Monte de los Olvidos by Arnau Montserrat
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