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Premiere date: October 2019

Link Color Example Selected venues: Teatre Eòlia


Director and dramaturge: El Salón de los Invisibles

Cast and choreographer: Nia Torres

Sound designer and composer: Arnau Montserrat

Video coordinator and live painter: David Rovirola

Collaborators: Neus Soler, Judit Costa, Adriana Galicia, Isabel Nager, Nuria Mercader

Artistic advisor: Roberto Fratini

Makeup artist: Luigi Prisco

Photographer: El Salón de los Invisibles, Ricard Jorquera

Production: El Salón de los Invisibles


“Omnia Vanitas” epitomizes a contemporary manifestation of clickbait culture, embodying a techno-consumerist dystopia propelled by an incessant forward momentum. This theatrical production mirrors the pervasive phenomenon of societal fragmentation, wherein entertainment supplants substantive discourse, and individuals willingly succumb to daily bouts of neurological overstimulation.

Within this Rococo-inspired rave, various elements coalesce to underscore the pervasive themes of our era. A continuous projection of texts, an overactive photocopier, live music production, urban dance performance, and painting converge to celebrate what Hegel termed “the spirit of our time.” Concurrently, they subject the audience to an escalating tempo, prompting introspection into one’s own attention span amidst the relentless barrage of stimuli.

In this project, I assumed the responsibility of creating the sound design and composing the music, both of which I performed live on stage. The musical concept of this piece delves into the intersectionality between the Rococo movement and contemporary technological advancements, with a particular focus on social networking services. This endeavor involved a fusion and experimentation with the distinct auditory elements inherent in these digital platforms, juxtaposed against the rhythmic patterns and structural motifs emblematic of Rococo music.

Shadow of performer playing with a printer in theatre show Omnia Vanitas
Performer playing with a printer in theatre show Omnia Vanitas
Performer holding a lighter in theatre show Omnia Vanitas
Performer inside a printer in Omnia Vanitas by Salon de los Invisibles
Performer sitting on a printer in Omnia Vanitas by Salon de los Invisibles
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