Cultural Space



Selected venue: Zuckerzauber


Zuckerzauber is an open-air, socially-driven, and self-managed venue situated in the heart of Berlin. It serves as a vibrant cultural hub, hosting an array of events including performances, cultural gatherings, and notably, with a particular emphasis on musical events. The venue regularly hosts weekly jam sessions and electronic music events, fostering a dynamic environment for artistic expression and community engagement. Moreover, Zuckerzauber prides itself on being an inclusive space, providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents and contribute to the cultural fabric of the community.

In this project, I specialize in cultural programming, working as a curator to manage the artistic program of various events, encompassing both music and performing arts. Additionally, I am involved in project management, contributing to logistical coordination as part of the project’s leadership team.

Zuckerzauber Venue Berlin - Concert 2020
Zuckerzauber venue in Berlin during concert, 2023
Zuckerzauber venue during gathering in 2022
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