Dance Show



Premiere date: May 2019

Selected venues: Sala Hiroshima



Cast: Carmen Muñoz

Direction and Choreography: Carmen Muñoz

Dramaturgy assitent: Salvador S.Sánchez

Cantaor: Pepe de Pura

Music composers: Reserva Espiritual del Occidente, Arnau Montserrat


Through an in-depth examination of the bodies of ‘bailaoras’ carefully selected as points of reference, ‘La histérica’ embarks on a theatrical odyssey to unearth her own corporeal essence and intuitive depth. This scenic journey encompasses a rigorous analysis of the physical and metaphysical realms, drawing inspiration from eminent figures such as Fanny Elssler, Carmen Mora, Manuela Vargas, and La Chana, ultimately catalyzing a metamorphosis of the ‘histérica’ body. This transformation unfolds as a dramatic interplay between truth and falsehood, propelling the protagonist towards uncharted territories of self-discovery.

‘Baile de histéricas’ emerges as an integral component of a broader research endeavor aimed at scrutinizing the embodied experiences of three distinguished ‘bailaoras’, recognized as pivotal figures within the flamenco landscape of the 1980s. These pioneering women served as catalysts for a paradigm shift both within and beyond the flamenco tradition, transcending conventional boundaries and heralding the evolution of contemporary flamenco and modern dance.

In “Baile de Histéricas”, I assumed a multifaceted role. Primarily, I undertook the production of a segment of the sound accompaniment, to be performed by the flamenco dancer Carmen Muñoz. Additionally, I was tasked with mastering the sound composition for the piece, which entailed seamlessly integrating electronic music elements with vocal recordings of ‘cantaores’ (flamenco singers).

Carmen Muñoz performing Baile de Histéricas
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