Theatre play

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Premiere date: October 2018


Selected venue: Casa Elizalde


Cast: Alfons Nieto and Neus Soler

Director and dramaturge: Jordi Casado

Sound design: Arnau Montserrat

Lighting: Anna Espunya

Stage and costumes: Carlota Masvidal

Movement: Veri de Morais

Production: Aina Juanet


“Correspondència,” a theatrical endeavor spearheaded by the aTemporal collective based in Barcelona, serves as a poignant exploration into the trajectory of communication across epochs and its consequent influence on human relationships. At the core of this narrative lies the portrayal of a central character perpetually enmeshed in a symbiotic relationship with his written correspondences. Engaging in soliloquies wherein self-compliments serve as a means of bolstering his self-esteem and motivation, the protagonist navigates the temporal landscape, intricately entwined with the auditory dimension, as he dedicates vast swathes of time to the act of incessant messaging. This thematic fusion delves into the interplay between personal introspection, the passage of time, and the evolving dynamics of communication, as manifest through the character’s immersive engagement with written discourse.

In the context of this project, I assumed the role of Sound Designer and Music Producer, employing an analog alarm clock interfaced with Arduino technology. Utilizing an integrated microphone, I captured the auditory nuances of the clock’s mechanisms, while simultaneously modulating their tempo. Concurrently, I executed a live performance on stage during the play, orchestrating a real-time manipulation of sound elements through the alarm clock. Employing two concealed microphones, I selectively distorted the voices of the actors and other ambient sounds, thus enhancing the sonic landscape of the theatrical production.

Both actors sitting in theatre play Correspondencia
Actor and actress performing in theatre play Correspondencia
Actor looking into mirror in theatre play Correspondencia
Arnau Montserrat performing sound in theatre play Correspondencia
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