“El Monte de Los Olvidos”

Arnau Montserrat (UdK, Berlin - March 2019)


“El Monte de los Olvidos” is a video art of the Teufelsberg Berlin. This project symbolizes the history of the Field Station and the hill, representing the feelings and the energy of the space during each period.

Most of the sounds of this project are recordings from the area, especially from inside the Dome of the building, which it has a particular acoustic due its characteristic architecture. These sounds are digitally modified with the aim of representing the transformation that the environment has undergone throughout history. In addition, to give more power to the sound, a technique from 2001: Space Odyssey soundtrack is used, where György Ligeti mixes a soprano vocal with an orchestra. In this project, the singer symbolize the “Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7”, which première took place in Leningrad on 1942, while the city was under siege by Nazi German forces.

The wind, a natural element always present during the whole history of the Teufelsberg, and the loudest sound that can be heard in the surroundings, is presented as a Leitmotiv of the piece.

The video image is a static shot from the Teufelsberg, using the fast motion technique to highlight the power of the wind in the area and demonstrate the strength of nature in the space nowadays, a nature whose 70 years ago was not existing in that area.

My role

In this project I recorded and edited the video, as well as the sound production and the direction of the video art.

Visual Sample