Marina Prados & Paula Knuepling (Volksbühne, Berlin - March 2018)


“Here” is a theater project that combines two different plays at the same time, one from Barcelona and the other from Berlin. These two plays are connected with a live stream while the performers interact simultaneously in the different venues.

My role

In this project I was involved in several roles.

Together with the directors I designed the audiovisual installation and IT concept. Using several beamers, we projected visuals to different walls, and then created a room made of tulle fabric. Through Syphon and Resolume we were able to manipulate the input images from Barcelona, which we received from a video collaboration tool, and was then live streaming the entire play.

I was additionally responsible for creating the sound design and the music for the performance in Berlin. I used several sounds to cue the actors during the play, informing them about the status of the streaming, which I was in charge of, in order to provide a quality performance.

I created all the characters from the play in animated avatars, representing them from another dimension.

-Cast: Jakob Bach, Robert Knorr, Frieda Knüpling, Clara de Pin, Magdalena Weber
-Director and dramaturge: Marina Prados, Paula Knüpling
-Dramaturge assistant: Luis Krummennacher
-Production assistant: Núria Frías
-Sound design: Arnau Montserrat
-Video: Ailin Formia and Arnau Montserrat
-Technical: Leander Hagen
-Costumes: Seline Sensan Costumes
-Assistant: Milla Knüpling
-Stage: Angela Ribera
-Stage assistant: Emma Knüpling

Audio Samples

Visual Samples


Sala Beckett
-CMD+C-Company (Marina Prados, Paula Knüpling)