Video Art



Premiere date: December 2019

Link Color Example Selected venue: Babylon Kino


Direction and production: Marius Jopen, Richard Keith, Audrey Belaud (The People)

Sound Mixing: Arnau Montserrat


Following the solitary trajectory of a cosmonaut amidst the vast expanse of space, the narrative unfolds with a surreal encounter. Drifting amidst the cosmic void, the cosmonaut encounters an unexpected artifact—a donut. What ensues is a profound psychological interplay between the solitary explorer and the seemingly incongruous confectionary, a nuanced dance on the precipice of sanity and the boundless expanse of the cosmos.

In the context of this project, my responsibilities encompassed sound editing and audio mixing tasks, entailing the meticulous adaptation of the film to accommodate both 5.1 surround sound and stereo audio systems. This involved a comprehensive approach to post-production, wherein I employed advanced techniques to refine and optimize the auditory experience, ensuring seamless integration with the visual narrative. By balancing elements such as dialogue, ambient sound, and musical accompaniment, I endeavored to enhance the immersive quality of the film while adhering to industry standards for audio fidelity and spatialization.

Face of the actor in SpaceBirth 2 video art
Spaceship in SpaceBirth 2 video art
Angry Face on TV SpaceBirth 2 video art
Sad face on TV screen in Spacebirth 2
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