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Premiere date: March 2018

Link Color Example Selected venues: Volksbühne & Sala Beckett


Cast: Jakob Bach, Robert Knorr, Frieda Knüpling, Clara de Pin, Magdalena Weber
Director and dramaturge: Marina Prados, Paula Knüpling
Dramaturge assistant: Luis Krummennacher
Production assistant: Núria Frías
Sound design & AV development: Arnau Montserrat
Video: Ailin Formia and Arnau Montserrat
Technical: Leander Hagen
Costumes: Seline Sensan Costumes
Assistant: Milla Knüpling
Stage: Angela Ribera
Stage assistant: Emma Knüpling

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“Here” represents an innovative theater initiative that intricately intertwines two distinct theatrical productions, one originating from Barcelona and the other from Berlin. These divergent narratives converge through a live stream, enabling seamless interaction between performers situated in disparate locations. This ambitious endeavor aims to explore the dynamic interplay between geographical boundaries and artistic expression, exploring a transcultural dialogue that transcends conventional theatrical norms.

In the framework of this project, I assumed multifaceted responsibilities.


Collaborating closely with the directors, I contributed to the conceptualization and implementation of the audiovisual installation and IT infrastructure. Employing a series of beamers, we projected visuals onto various surfaces, augmenting the immersive environment within a space adorned with tulle fabric. Leveraging Syphon and Resolume technologies, we adeptly manipulated incoming imagery sourced from Barcelona via a video collaboration platform, facilitating seamless live streaming of the entire theatrical production.


Furthermore, I undertook the task of crafting the sound design and musical composition for the Berlin performance. Utilizing a diverse array of auditory elements, I orchestrated cues to guide the actors through their respective roles, while concurrently overseeing the live streaming process to ensure optimal performance quality.


Additionally, I conceptualized and animated all characters featured in the play, manifesting them as animated avatars existing within an alternate dimension.

“Els Malnascuts” is the youth creation laboratory of Sala Beckett , aimed at individuals aged 16 to 30, both professionals and amateurs, providing them with the opportunity to experiment across various domains within the performing arts. Presently, they showcase a segment of their collaborative work with their German counterparts, the P14 company (Volksbühne, Berlin). The final exhibition will be presented in May concurrently in Berlin.



Two parallel dimensions intersect for a fraction of a second, which feels like an eternity. Electricity connects these newfound Windows that were previously isolated, altering our algorithms (X=X) concerning our perception of light and the universe.


The theme of HERE revolves around the space and time between you and me. They won’t tell you that you’re crazy, only that you’ve lost it, that you’re slightly out of yourself, as if you were beside yourself… there, a little more or a little less, but what do we gain from knowing? Knowing how many centimeters you’ve shifted from your self, equals. The only thing we’re certain of is that from where I am right now, from where I position myself right now, we no longer care in the least. And I am HERE.

Rehearsal for project Here, Arnau Montserrat trying sound and audiovisual implementation
Rehearsal with all actors for project Here, Sound by Arnau Montserrat
Rehearsal for project Here, actors talking
Rehearsal for project Here, actors trying out streaming projections
Projection for project Here
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