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stage lusatia 2022 Arnau Yuna


Selected venues: Fusion Festival (DE), Bucht der Träumer (DE), Lusatia Festival (DE), Tribal Gathering (PA), Goulash Disko (HR), Kater Blau (DE), Detect Festival (DE), Noisily Festival (UK), Nü(JO), Sala Barts (ES), Hemingway (MX)…


Arnau Yuna is the musical project of sound artist Arnau Montserrat, who immerses himself in the realms of electronic music as both a DJ and a producer. Influenced by the Catalan electronic music scene and the energy of Berlin’s nightlife, Arnau embarks on an auditory journey that traverses the diverse landscapes of dub, house, acid, ambient, and electro house.

He takes pleasure in transcending the conventional boundaries of auditory expression, perpetually seeking innovative avenues to captivate and inspire his audience. His sonic manifesto mirrors the vividness of his explorations, manifesting in nimble club tracks and seductive basslines that beckon the listener to immerse themselves fully in the sonic tapestry he weaves.

Arnau Yuna performing a dj set
arnau yuna performing live
arnau yuna performing a dj set