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Premiere date: July 2022

Link Color Example Selected venues: Prinzessinnengarten


Idea & Creation: Las Maleantes

Artists: Andesh, Carlos Aller, Cecilia Bartolino, Paola Bascón, Tutu Amuse, Tango Klub, Colour Your Mind, Nave Migratoria, and many more

Set Design: Victoria Goetz

Photos: Magdalena Kucharska

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In-Transit is conceptualized as a forum for fostering creative and cultural interchange, providing a platform for diverse artists to present their evolving or newly-conceived artistic endeavors. Embracing a commitment to contemporary and pioneering art, individuals from varied national backgrounds converge to participate in this inclusive initiative, rendering In-Transit an accessible event for audiences of all demographics.

In-Transit features a rich tapestry of music, dance, performing arts, and sonic experiences, offering attendees a multifaceted exploration of artistic expression. Previous iterations of In-Transit have been hosted at urban garden Prinzessinnengarten and cultural venue Zucker Zauber, situated within the dynamic cultural landscape of Berlin.

In the scope of this project, I serve as a curator and co-director, overseeing the coordination of logistical arrangements with the venue, including technical setup and operational logistics. Additionally, my responsibilities encompass the collaborative development of the artistic program in tandem with Adriana de Montserrat, encompassing conceptualization and curation of the project’s creative direction.

InTransit by Las Maleantes event at Zuckerzauber
InTransit by Las Maleantes event at Prinzessinnengarten - Music Band
InTransit by Las Maleantes event at Prinzessinnengarten - Dance Show
InTransit by Las Maleantes event at Prinzessinnengarten - Sound walk
InTransit by Las Maleantes event at Prinzessinnengarten
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