Video Art

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Premiere date: November 2020

Link Color Example Selected venues: Sounds About


Idea & Creation: Las Maleantes

Performer: Adriana de Montserrat 

Sound concept: Arnau Montserrat

Video & Edition: Las Maleantes


“Belladona Voluxa” is an experimental short film directed by Las Maleantes, an artistic collective founded by Adriana de Montserrat and Arnau Montserrat. The film is inspired by the Akelarres, pagan witch rites that were celebrated clandestinely due to its banning by religious authorities at that time, usually conducted by women and mystics with knowledge of medicinal herbs. These ceremonies were conducted in the caves of the forests of northern Spain, where they could hide and celebrate without being seen by the other villagers.

In the production of Belladona Voluxa, I assumed a multifaceted role, primarily focusing on the design and implementation of the sound composition. Additionally, I served as a co-director, contributing to the conceptualization of the project and the development of its dramaturgical framework.

Adriana performing in Belladona Voluxa video art by Las Maleantes
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