Site-Specific Performance

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Premiere date: April 2018 

Selected venues:  Abandoned warehouse, Girona (site-specific)


Cast: Adriana de Montserrat, Neus Soler, Isadora Libertad and Alfonso Para

Director, dramaturge and production: El Salón de los Invisibles

Sound composition: Arnau Montserrat

Lighting concept: El Salón de los Invisibles


“Atrabilis” represents an experimental endeavor amalgamating diverse artistic modalities, including dance, music, light installations, paintings, and theatrical performances, within the confines of an abandoned warehouse spanning two floors. This immersive setting facilitates audience integration into the unfolding performance. The piece draws inspiration from Sarah Kane’s seminal work, “4.48 Psychosis,” aiming to immerse spectators in the multifaceted experience of depression. Deliberately selected for its desolate ambiance, the warehouse space evokes a sense of emptiness, complemented by a carefully curated musical accompaniment designed to evoke sensations of anxiety, thereby engaging multiple sensory faculties of the audience. Throughout the duration of the performance, performers traverse the space, while audience members navigate through diverse lighting and visual spectacles meticulously crafted to envelop them in the journey of depression.

In the context of this project, my primary responsibility entailed the creation of sound design and music compositions, culminating in a live performance on stage. Leveraging digital instruments, in conjunction with a live violinist, I curated a sonic landscape that encapsulated the nuances of the subject matter. The music was conceived to elucidate the myriad phases experienced by individuals grappling with depression. Extensive research was undertaken to identify and experiment with various sounds, subsequently sampled and shared with peers for qualitative feedback. 

Shadows of three performers during Atrabilis by Salon de los Invisibles
Arnau Montserrat performing sound in Atrabilis
Dancer looking during Atrabilis performance
Shadow of a dancer in Atrabilis performance
Dancer performing in Atrabilis
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